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“Doug was extremely thorough and professional in coming up with a plan to sell our home. He was always proactive, and constantly took steps to promote the sale. Doug was aggressive in promoting the sale of our home. I could not have asked for more! Doug was both professional and friendly. It was always a pleasure to deal with him. He helped us with many details such as painting, fixing windows, fixing the septic line, etc. Marty was also excellent. Her inputs on showcasing the house were very helpful! I could not have asked for better support! Doug was always proactive and innovative in the techniques that he used to promote the sale.”
Frank Hagan, Arlington Virginia (Seller)
“I was receiving an email (approximately once every two months) from Mr Doug Pritchard, informing me about the relative price of the house. We were renting the property. When we decided to sell the house, we contacted Mr Pritchard and two other realtors. The professionalism and expertise as well as the experience of Mr Pritchard was exceptional. In addition, he showed us far better knowledge of the area, he outlined (and subsequently executed) a strong strategy to sell the house in a difficult period of the year (Oct-Dec); for instance, having open houses every weekend! Doug is a remarkable agent who has gone out of his way to help us out (considering that we currently live in New York, while the house for sale was in Maryland).”
George Mentis (Seller)
“100% please with Doug Pritchard help”
Mandy (Seller)
“My wife and I consider Doug to be both one of the finest people we know, as well as an extremely skilled real estate agent/broker. He is a natural relationship-builder, which is critical to establish rapport with the other side's agent and getting useful information from them. He also is brilliant at structuring offers wisely. Together, these factors lead to Doug having an extremely high success rate when purchasing properties (he helped us purchase our current home, which was quite an achievement due to the many offers it received), and a strong ability to close sales deals when initial interest is shown from buyers (he was able to convince our "all-cash" buyers to come up in price to the level we had set as our minimum, though their initial offer was far below that. Marty is also very skilled in staging homes, and both do a good job of writing and updating sales blurbs. I would recommend "the Doug and Marty team" extremely highly as either a purchasing or sales broker, but think his greatest strength is as a purchasing agent/broker.”
Craig Tenney, McLean, Virginia (though the recently-sold property was in Clarksburg, Maryland (Seller)


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